Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. The Augusta Arts Council depends upon its volunteers to help keep the Theatre and Art Centre well maintained and operating smoothly. It is a great way to give back to your community, and provides you with invaluable experiences! The AAC depends upon volunteers to keep its facilities up and running, so call us today to see how you can do your part in keeping our historical institution going for another 80 years!

For questions or application directions, please contact Micah Miller, the Theatre Manager, at (316) 755-2900! To submit an online application, please click here.

Volunteer Perks:
* Free popcorn and drink while watching the movie for which you volunteer
* Donor Appreciation Ceremony
* We make every effort to place you in the position you most desire
* Gets you involved in the betterment of our community
* Looks great as a skill/experience on your resume
* Keeps our facilities operational and clean
* Volunteer of the Month!
* Mileage and other incentives when you register to volunteer through the Butler County RSVP program (must be 55+ to qualify for these benefits)! +

Volunteer Requirements:
* Must be 16 years old or over (18+ to handle cash)
* Must be able to arrive at least one (1) hour prior to when the movie/event is scheduled

The Augusta Arts Council could not be the success it is without volunteers like YOU!

+ For complete information on how to receive RSVP's benefits visit bucoks.com!